Meeting new people

There are many fun details of the tiny house. It’s a great conversation starter… it’s fun to tell our friends about when they ask “what’s new?” and I think it has given the neighbors something to talk about!

We have had so many fun guests stay with us, and we can’t wait for more! Our first guests were from Sweden. One is a student studying social work, one works in a museum, and one is a librarian.  They had decided to travel across the US. They started in Los Angeles and visited us three weeks into their trip. They stayed with us for two nights before heading to Knoxville. From Knoxville they took a bus through DC up to New York City where they spent two weeks with friends before heading back to Sweden.

We have also had guests from Florida, North Carolina, Boston, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin.  I love hearing our guests’ comments about the house and some people even tell me what made them choose our place instead of staying somewhere else. Some find it interesting, and others just needed somewhere to stay and saw that it was available! 🙂  Right now we have some new friends from Milwaukee, and this weekend some ladies coming from Lexington, Kentucky!


Available to rent!

After working diligently all weekend (and until 2 am today) we are ready to go! I have posted some photos of the space on airbnb. Please visit the site to check them out. Here’s a sneak peak of how things progressed…

We needed furniture, right, so….

Bill and I built the bed!

Don’t be fooled by the lighting…this picture of the two of us was taken around 1:30 am!

It has arrived!

We are a little behind schedule due to the rain but we will still be ready for our first renters on Wednesday! The shipping crate arrived on Friday. It came in safely although I still didn’t want to watch. 🙂 we had to take part of our fence down to get the tow truck in but we were able to place the crate in safely and the fence didn’t stay down for long.

Over the course of the weekend we also finished the trim work, painted the interior and put up siding. I know the guys worked on some internal things as well but I am not sure what they did.

Tonight I will touch up the paint since I worked in the dark last night and I will also paint the ceiling/ finish behind the refrigerator. I hope to have some helpers coming to join me since I have a list of things to do. 🙂

Here are some more pictures I took (mostly in the dark so they’re not great). No, the toilet doesn’t go in the kitchen.. The guys moved it for me so I could paint the bathroom more easily.

As you can see, Ginger was there strictly for support.

I hope to have photos that show a lot of progress tomorrow!

If you are interested in renting our space, please follow this link.