Do you enjoy the tiny house?

I’ve had people ask me if I regret leaving my day job to stay home and work multiple jobs. Without hesitating, NO! I love what I do. I am able to meet new people almost on a daily basis when greeting them as they arrive at the house. I am also able to build up my own business, A Sample of Paint and drive for Lyft.

This week, so far, we had three guests travel from Lexington, Kentucky to volunteer at a conference on infants, and we had a last minute booking from four gentlemen who decided to leave northern Illinois and head south. They stopped in the Music City Hideaway to sleep before heading to Gatlinburg for white water rafting and eventually to Miami, Florida.  When I asked them if they had a long trip, they mentioned that they had set up a TV and Wii in the back of their car.  Sounds dangerous if you ask me. 🙂

When the boys left, we met Olivia and Milo along with their parents… all from Chicago as well! I am starting to see a trend here….I know I moved here to get away from the weather! 😉  I love when kids visit… I am challenged to come up with vacation suggestions other than those involving beer and food! Today they visited Nashville Shores and tomorrow, due to the heat, are looking for more water adventures. I suggested Cumberland Park! They came at just the right time. School has started back in the Nashville area so the lines for kid-friendly activities have dropped tremendously.

On Friday, our friends Milo and Olivia head out and we get to meet some new guests. Wayne and his family from Indiana will be in town for his brother-in-law’s 21st birthday.  We will be celebrating a few birthdays this weekend too..looking forward to the festivities…cheers to new friends!


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